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Artwork Guidelines

We accept the following file formats:

We accept the following image formats:

Colour Mode

All colour artwork/images must be provided in CMYK.

RGB colour mode will be converted to CMYK when processing

Placing your Artwork Correctly (Bleed)

Safe Area (Vital Elements)

– I.e. Texts, Logos, Images must be kept within this area

– Anything exceeding this box might be cut off

Trim Size (Final Size)

– Any printed element outside this box will be trimmed away

– Borders are not recommended as they might be trimmed away during the trimming process

Full Bleed (Artwork Size)

– Expand your background design to the edge of this box

– Otherwise the printed product might have a white line along the edge

Example: Background design not in full bleed dimension (End product will have a white line along the edge)

Example: Elements out of trim size (Text may be trimmed away)

Example: Correct trim, safe and bleed sizes

Steps to Creating Font Guidelines

When you create outlines for all your text, we will not have problems on missing fonts or incorrect fonts display.

Embedding Links

Very often, you will place a picture or object in your artwork. These picture or object may not be embedded in the artwork when saving your file. This will cause us to have a missing links. If we failed to detect this “missing links” problem, we will not be liable for it. Please follow this tutorial to learn how to ensure all your links are properly embedded.

Placing your Artwork Correctly

The solid triangle on the front and reverse sides are meant to give you a reference point on how your front and reverse artworks will be rotated during production.

Physically the front and reverse sides share the same corner It is therefore essential that you prepare and place your artwork accordingly before uploading it to us.

The solid triangle is often use to avoid mistakes like placing the artwork wrongly or in the wrong direction we wanted. So to avoid, we would use the solid triangle as reference

Production Time

Digital Print – 2 to 3 working days

Offset Print – 5 to 7 working days

Minimum Charge for Urgent Order is $20

Creating Custom Sizes Artwork

Click on “File” >> “New” >> “OK” Key in the custom size that you want

I.e. You would like to custom your name card to 60mm x 60mm

Save the guidelines as a layer and name it as ‘Guidelines’ before proceeding to lock the layer.

(Locking the layer is to prevent us from adding stuffs mistakenly on the guidelines layer)